Find your Seat!

    We highly recommend you have a seating chart at your wedding. You don’t want to have a stampede to the tables with people rearranging their chairs! It also can reduce any awkward moments for guests who may not know the rest of your friends or family. By using a seating chart you make everyone feel comfortable by introducing people with similar interests and backgrounds and by mixing an assortment of familiar and new faces at each table.

Also, you will only need to set the table up for the correct number of guests rather than setting every table for 8 and possible only 4 people sitting at that table; keeping everything looking fabulous and all your guests happy and comfortable!

Check out some of our favourite seating chart ideas:

1 ~ Mirror

mirror seat chart

2~ Map


3~ Logs


4~ Little bags (hold drink tickets)


5~ Bird Cage


6~ Vintage windows


7~ Favours to your table


8~ Calligraphy in a Frame


9~ Photo frame


10~ Chicken Wire frame

chicken wire

Oh we could go on…. Have fun with your seating chart and have it go with the décor of your wedding.



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